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5 Cheap Hotels in Safranbolu

Many hotel located in Safranbolu. Safranbolu hotels already cheap than other Turkey Hotels. The prices show diffirence for seasons. Usually you can find cheap hotel in winter. But if you go Safranbolu in summer, you can not find cheap hotels in Safranbolu. I want give some tutorials for find cheap hotels in Safranbolu.

My first cheap hotel review for Efe Guest House in Safranbolu. Many Korean and Japan people prefer this hotel for Safranbolu trip. Usually tourşsts stay one or two day in Efe Guest House. Efe Guest House located in historical center of Safranbolu. Efe Guest House has free car parking and free Wi-Fi in their hotel.

Efe Guest House Hotel Price

If you stay two people you will pay 20 Euro for one day. The breakfast included at this price. If you want stay 3 people you need pay 30 Euro for one day.

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My second review for Yildiz Konak Pension

This hotel too located in historical center of Safranbolu. This hotel has free Wi-Fi, but you can not find car parking at Yildiz Konak Pension. If you stay at Yildiz Konak Pension you need pay 20 Euro for one day and for two people. If you want stay 3 people in this hotel you need pay 28 Euro for one day. You can choose dormitory rooms in this hotel. Dormitory room prices are 8 Euro but breakfast not included for dormitory rooms in Yildiz Konak Pension.

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Our Third Cheap hotel is White House in Safranbolu

This is a new hotel in Safranbolu. This hotel located near Safranbolu historical center about 200 meter. White House hotel is not a historical hotel. White House is new building in Safranbolu. White House age 20 year in Safranbolu.

The White House hotel has free Wi-Fi in hotel, but this hotel too does not have cr parking. This hotel owner taking you from bus station. Hotel has free pick-up service from bus station. White House hotel prices starting at 28 Euro to 80 Euro. White House hotel has dormitory rooms. If you want stay dormitory room you can stay for 9 Euro in winter season. This price will be 11 Euro in summer. The breakfast included for dormitory rooms at White House Hotel.

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Kupler Pension is Fourth Hotel in Safranbolu for Cheap Hotels

Kupler pension has very nice garden. You can make breakfast or somethings in Kupler Pension’s garden. The hotel price starting 19 Euro for 2 people. If you want stay 3 people you will pay 25 Euro for one night in this hotel.

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Yildiz Sari Konak Hotel our Last Hotel in Safranbolu for Cheap Hotels.

This hotel very historical, Yildiz Sari Konak Hotel 250 years old. This hotel giving free Wi-Fi and breakfast for customers. If you want stay in dormitory room you need pay 10 Euro for stay. If you want stay 2 people you will pay 25 Euro for stay. If you want get more information about Yildiz Sari Konak Hotel you can read our review about Yildiz Sari Konak Hotel. Yildiz Sari Konak Hotel is best cheap hotel of Safranbolu.

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safranbolu sari konak hotel

We give you some ideas about Safranblu cheap hotels. We choose 5 hotels for this review. I think this post help you for find cheap hotels in Safranbolu.



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