5 Place for Nature Tent Camping in Turkey

If you like tent campings, this place just for you. That is the most magnificent tent camp places in Turkey.

1. Erikli Yaylası Camping area in Yalova : This camping area is 600 meters above sea and tent camping is one of the best places to do. You can Surrounding nature walks. You can see the beautiful scenery. Environment gets completely covered with forests. This camping area near the waterfall 3 units. Most suitable for camping seasons Summer, Spring and Autumn. In addition, the closest airport to Yalova, Kocaeli Cengiz Topel Airport.

Erikli-Yaylası-Camping Erikli-yaylası-yalova


2. Urla Demircili Cove Camps in Izmir : If you want to see a pristine sea, this camp site is for you. You can set up your tent right on the edge of the sea. If you are experienced, you should go fishing. This is really very tasty fish in the area. This camping area is usually not too crowded. This region closest to the airport is Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. about 38 kilometers away.

urla-demircili-camping-in-Turkey urla-demircili-village

3. Ayder Ihlamuraltı Camps Area in Rize : This Camping area in Ayder Yayla (Springs) (plateau). In this area you can hear at any moment and you can see the local musical instruments. because people are always making music. Very suitable for tent camping. Because continuous rainfall in your tent must be durable. This campground is the closest airport to the Trabzon Airport.


4. Abant Camping Area in Bolu : If you want to see a gorgeous lake, you should definitely come here . It’s all green, continuous smell of a beautiful land. You can camp on the Orencik plateau near Lake Abant. Because it is empty, you can relax around easily. Stay with you even in summer clothes should be. So, when the weather here is very cold night. Esenboga Airport is the closest airport. but 200 kilometers away.

abant abant-camping

5. Kaz Mountains (ida mountain) Hızır Camp Area in Balıkesir : Here is one of my favorite camping area, because this is a full oxygen tank. Kaz mountains are truly wonderful. with large forests. Natural life is great. It is part of the overall national parks. natural habitats are protected here. Kaz mountains has all kinds of wild animals. Hızır camp area is in Kirişlik Valley. You can set up a tent in the summer. Balikesir Airport is the nearest airport.


I explained in my article in these camps in Turkey that can be done 5 area. Other regions we will share with you.

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