6 Delicious Turkish Foods

Amazing 6 Turkish Foods.. You should eat that Turkish Foods ! Foreign fabulous writer told that foods. Today I will tell you some of mine. Each of these is a rare product. When you hear these meals, you will be hungry. I’m starting now…

menemen1-) Menemen : several tomato, some pepper, and eggs. you only need to cook. It is a simple dish, really beautiful as well be simple and easy. Anyone can do it. but it is a little difficult to catch the flavor. If you want to impress a Turkish man, just do Menemen.

2-) Kofte (meatballs) : As you know, just meatballs. but the Turks have a specific recipe. There are over stale bread, mince, onion, egg, garlic, salt, spices, thyme, etc. of course this is just my mind. There are hundreds of varieties of meat species in Turkey. There is a separate description of each region. I recommend you try it ..



manti3-) Mantı (like ravioli) : It’s my favorite meal. garlic yogurt is much more delicious. You should definitely try. You must dripped onto cooked oil especially.

4-) Kuzu Tandır : tandır is a special kind of barbecue. This barbecue is made with stone wells. and used lamb.

5-) Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza) : mainly sold in restaurants. Fast-food is a food type. There are in ground meat and various spices and peppers and tomatoes. It is very tasty. You should eat the Turkish pizza if you come to turkey..

6-) Borek (like quesadilla and Patty) : simple explanation is as follows, to fry any material put into the dough. I like it. but it has very oil.. so if you don’t want to kilos, you don’t eat Borek

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