A Summer Holiday in Kusadasi

Standing on the Aegan coast of Turkey, is one of the largest and most cosmopolitan resorts in turkey. Frequently criticized for its ugly appearance, Kusadasi still remains to to be the most popular all round resort, providing great beaches, a great night life and excellent shopping. The name Kusadasi means “Bird Island”, a name taken from a tiny island or Islet known as Pigeon Island or Guvercin Adasi, which is connected to the mainland by a courseway. The place boasts of great sceneries such as the Genose fort and it has a number of sandy beaches as well.


Kusadasi Weather And Climate Information

Kusadasi Turkey is a place that experiences a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and dry hot summers. It is largely covered by shrublands, forests, croplands, ocean and seas. The winds are mainly prevalent from the north and minor winds originating form the south. There is usually a calm fresh breeze throughout the year.

Additional Facts:

  • The temperatures are average between the months of June, September and October
  • Summer or hot season is in June to September
  • The land has dry periods between April and September
  • Most rainfall is seen through January to end of February and November to and of December

How to go Kusadasi from Istanbul


The best option to get to Kusadasi is by taking a flight. There are two main airports near Kusadasi and they are Izmir International airport which is eighty kilometers from Kusadasi. The second one is Bodrum Airport which is 130km from Kusadasi. The best means is to fly to Istanbul from Izmir and then take public transport or a cab to reach Kusadasi.

From Istanbul to Kusadasi, you can take a train, a bus or even a ferry. The trains are quite cheap and so are the buses. The Kusadasi main bus station has various companies in the whole of turkey and this means you can get direct transportation to Kusadasi from major cities including Istanbul. The journey is a short one, almost 2 hrs or so.


Best Kusadasi Hotels


Turkey has become one of the best tourist destination for tourists from all over the world. Kusadasi has also been seen has a great destination because of the beaches and ancient history of the area. The art and culture date back to recorded history.

There are many hotels in the town, depending on our budget and preference. The hotels in this town are great and you can get a good deal on a modest budget. The quality of service is good because these people are known to be friendly, treating everyone with respect. Some of the best hotels are;

-Fantasia Hotel De Luxe

-Pine Bay Holiday Resort

-Doubletree by Hilton Kusadasi


Cheapest And Most Comfortable Fortin Hotel In Kusadasi


Resting at the heart of the town center of Kusadasi and at just about ten minutes from the seaside on the coast of turkey, the Fortin Hotel is one of the most cheapest hotels in the area. This simple pension style property, which is set in the Wednesday and Friday market area of Kusadasi creates an affordable place for couples or even families.

Starting at just $41 a night, the Fortin Hotel has very comfortable guestrooms that are packed with essential amenities, a sparkling pool and not to forget the friendly traditional Turkish hospitality that the staff will offer.

The hotel has easy access to places such as the Ancient Ephesus city, a main attraction in Kusadasi, and so it is worth considering.

Staying At The Kusadasi Golf And Spa Hotel


If you love to play golf when you are on vacation, a stay at the Kusadasi Golf and Spa hotel is a must. This remarkable resort, located on the shores of the Aegean Sea in Turkey, is a top destination for golfers from all around the world.

Of course, the hotel offers more than just a chance to play a few holes. You can enjoy any of 11 outdoor swimming pools, including one with water slides that is perfect for the younger set. This is clearly one of the top destinations in the area for travelers and tourists.

Things To Do In Kusadasi

There are lot of fun activities to do in your trip to Kusadasi:

The first thing I would recommend you to do is visit the impressive ruins of Ephesus, which was the second largest city of the Roman Empire. From the large amphitheater, terraced houses, Celsius library, the Agora and a guided tour, you will surely love and appreciate the excavation work
You can also spend a whole day at the nearby traditional town of Selcuk. It ideally has a museum and it is home to the ruins of the temple of Artemis.

You can also explore the Aegean Coasts or even the Pigeon island.

The Sirince Village In Turkey

Sirince is an old village, located almost 12 kilometers away from Ephesus and about 30km away from Kusadasi. It was once called Cirkince, which means ugly, a name that was purposely given to it by the inhabitants as they did not want to be bothered by foreigners. However, years after visitors realized the village was not ugly, it was renamed to Sirince, which means pretty. The village stands at the top of a mountain and anyone would enjoy the view as well as the impressive peach trees and wine yards views on the way.

To get to the village, one would have to take a minibus from Kusadasi to Selcuk, and then selcuk to Sirince using a minibus as well. Ideally, you can travel directly to sirince from Kusadasi using travel agencies in Kusadasi.

Finding Transport From Kusadasi To Izmir Airport

Once you have reached the end of your stay in Turkey, it will be time to head home. At this point, you need to find the easiest and most convenient way to get from your hotel to the airport. Fortunately, finding transport from Kusadasi to Izmir airport is not difficult.

There are a number of different options available to you. Often, the easiest is to use the shuttle service that your hotel provides. You can also hire a taxi or other private vehicle. This way, you can ride in privacy and comfort to your final destination.


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