A Trip to Princes Islands In Istanbul

Istanbul is a destination of wonders, and it has two major attractions that could take almost an entire day out to explore. A visit to Princes Islands and taking a boat trip on the Bosphorus are the two main experiences that can offer you memorable times. Sometimes, people ask whether it would be worth sacrificing their time during their short stay in Istanbul to visit these locations. While this may be a tough question to answer, here are things, which can try to elaborate why, and how you can go about Princes Island.

What is all about Princes Islands of Istanbul




When you hear about Princes islands, you begin to wonder what they are. In simple terms, Princes Islands, also referred to as Adalar or kizil Adalar, are a series of nine smaller islands found in Sea of Marmara. These islands evolved in a time of Byzantine era, and they have become well-known destinations for tourists who would like to have an escape from the hectic hassles of the city life. Only four of the nine islands are open to public, and they include the most popular and biggest Buyukada, and the other three: Heybeliada, Burgazada, and Kinaliada.

Features of Princes Islands

If you are wondering what is the main feature of Princes Islands, then you may be surprised… the sound of silence. In these islands, motorized vehicles are simply banned. This makes the islands be an oasis of peace, quietness, and tranquility. Well, the only sound that you may hear is that of bicycle bells ringing and the sounds of horse hoofs.

That is true because the main transport means to move from one place to another while on the islands is by use of horse drawn carriages or bicycles. These may not be the only features, which make this destination of islands unique. Visitors will also find themselves walking or riding down the narrow streets flanked by fine wooden Victorian cottages or the untouched pine forests.


Getting to Princes Islands

You can get to Princes Islands by boat. While this is the commonest mode of transport, there are varieties of ferries, which you can select from. The fast ferries or the sea buses are operated by IDO. The regular ferries, on the other hand, are run by Sehir Hatlari. The ferries depart from Kabatas. You can easily access Kabatas by public transport. Sea buses will take about 55 minutes if they have to take a stop at all islands.


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