An Alanya Holiday For New Foreigners

Nicknamed “The Pearl of the Turkish Riviera’, Alanya is an 800year-old seaside holiday tourist destination located in Pamphylia on the Gulf of Antalya on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.


If you are looking for that perfect vacation spot, then Alanya is the place to be.

• Things to do in Alanya include camel rides, caves, the old shipyard, a buzzing nightlife with great party spots and restaurant bar discos.



• Where to stay in Alanya – book a room in any of its five-star and four-star hotels that offer international hospitality as you sample the best Turkish cuisines.

• The sight and sound will just blow your mind away. Get around the city by bus or a rental car to discover the splendor that is Alanya.

How to go Alanya from Antalya airport

The distance form Antalya Airport to Alanya is about 130 kilometers and this means it will take you roughly 2 hours depending on the transfer method. There are various options to get to Alanya and the most common one is car hire. However, if you are travelling alone, it can be a bit expensive.
A shared shuttle bus is a cheaper option, especially for those who are travelling alone and want to keep the costs down.

If you are travelling in a large group, then a minibus is a great alternative. Minibuses in this region can accommodate up to ten people and this makes it cost effective.



The Night Life In Alanya

The sunset in Alanya is good news for those who like partying and having fun to the early
morning hours. Alanya is just like any other European town, everyone gets to enjoy their freedom whether they are alone or with a group of friends.
You will find anything from small bars to large international discotheques in Alanya. And because of its intensity and size there is something for everyone in this amazing place. So, if you are a rock, techno, disco, pop, salsa or even Turkish music, you do not need to worry as there is a place for you.

night_life_in_alanya nightlife_alanya


I want give you some Alanya night club names you can enjoy there:

Janus bar
Robin Hood
James Dean


These night clubs are best night clubs in Alanya.

Places To Stay In Alanya

From a small and sleepy town only a generation ago, the Alanya town has exponentially grown into a vast summer resort that offers everything for everyone. That being said, it can be quite a challenging task trying to locate a hotel that meets your requirements. Not to worry though, because most of the Alanya’s hotels have merged the international booking services which makes it easy to search for rooms availability and rates online.

Here are my top 5 Hotels in Alanya:

1. The Diamond Hill Resort Hotel

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2. The Long Beach Hotel Resort and Spa


3. The Fun point Hotel

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4. Gold City Tourism Complex


5. Hotel Villa Turka

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The Beaches Of Alanya


Most of us are used to the idyllic style of beaches being covered with sand and secret coves(mostly prevalent in the Caribbean). Well, that is not what makes the Alanya beaches superb and great for any resort. The beaches in Alanya are flat wide and the sand is slightly coarse and not stony. They are also long, and this makes them an ideal place for people who want a nice and quiet space.

Here are the beaches that you might want to visit the next time you take a trip to Alanya:

1. Cleopatra Beach


2. Damlatas Beach


3. Portakal Beach


4. Keykubat Beach


All the international and local rules apply to these beaches as well.

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