Antandros Antique City – Story of Mount Ida

Antandros Antique City. This City Having a history of 2750 years. Antandros is the most beautiful place of Anatolia. Today I will tell you the story of Mount Ida.

Mount Ida is a wonderful place. In ancient times, people have been affected by this mountain. It was believed that the gods lived on the mountain in ancient times. God of venue ! Almost most epic, through the name of the Kaz (ida) Mountains. Humans is believed to be very important event In this mountain . This mountain has become so famous that Homer wrote the Iliad. Events in many of the most famous myths in ancient Greek mythology goes on Mount Ida. IDA is also a word which appear as different persons name in the myth.

Myth in “İdaios” and “İdai to” pass names. İdai a means of living in the incoming or maintenance . There are two heroines with the name. The first of these is a Nymph (nature nymph) and the Nymph at the river brings you to a boy named Teukros world Skamandros merged with God. Called myth in the name of the two heroes Teukros passes. It is important that both the hero is also associated with Troy. There are too many people and all of those people are still İdaios name of the Troya royal family.


The largest of the god Zeus, the father of the gods. Is the largest of the Olympian goddess Hera and Zeus’s wife. Hera and Zeus, get married in a grand wedding at Mount Ida. Troy War and the war is in full swing continues Troys win. Holding the hand of the goddess Hera Akhalar establishes an order to change the direction of the war. Hera’s epic The Iliad of Homer in this cause they are described in a very nice way.



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