Aquaparks in Istanbul ( Aqua Dolphin – Aqua Marine )

Also Aqua Dolphin in Istanbul. This water park has a very private pool. for families or children. We also have the opportunity to swim with dolphins. Also concerts and world-renowned groups shows, dolphin shows, sea lion show, a wave pool, tsunami, spacer hole (excitement gap), giant slides, water polo matches, twist, play volleyball, tennis, football, children’s pool toys say we can fun some of the . Aqua Club Dolphin Bahçesehir closet, single boots, changing room, showers, parking, umbrellas and sun beds, beach volleyball, water volleyball, step & aerobics, transportation, animations and infirmary services for free can hurt. Individual and family memberships other than Aqua Club Dolphin deals can be found below.



Located in Istanbul Bahçesehir Aqua Club Dolphin on transportation alternatives we offer below. Aqua Club Dolphin weekday and weekend rates are differ. Bay when paying 30-40 TL , ladies We pay the entrance fee of around  20-30turkish liras shops. Children ages 0-4 can enjoy free children ages 5-12 in the facility have a price of around  15-20 Turkish liras. Except Sundays student discounts are also available. Istanbul’s largest aquapark in Aqua Club Dolphin, 3 large swimming pool, children’s pool and family, including Turkey’s largest slope slides found in the giant slide, two great bars, cafes and restaurants. Water Games Entertainment Center büyükçekmece serving 12 years as Aqua Marine, has opened its new season on May 15.



With entertainment and activities since the day it opened to the southern coast of Istanbul aratmayan Aqua Marine, has the capacity to accommodate 3,000 people. 3,500 m3 and 2,500 m2 facility in our Olympic-sized pool and a semi-Olympic swimming pool while enjoying our freedom, when you try to kamikaze 60 m in length and was taken in the space of your house will feel that end. 90 m tall slides from pythons will receive a pleasure from every curve. 100 m tall, will embark on a journey ending in the cobra, 90 m tall while rafting on the river boating enjoyment blachol yaşayacaksınız.100 m tall slides from the slide you will feel yourself in a different size. In the past year one of the 40 m long slide down a slope will be. In the area of 400 m2 and 6 m2 laced with giant waterfalls waves in the pool; With 10 different wavelengths from each wave will receive a separate pleasure. hope I could hopefully provide information. half with English narration is so much going on. good holiday.

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