Car Hire Side Turkey

Hiring a car is the sensible way to fully explore Side in Turkey and you might just save yourself some money as well.


Our advice is to book your car hire in Side before you leave the UK to take advantage of some great online prices which are rarely matched when in resort.

By booking with one of the major car hire operators that operate from Antalya airport, you are guaranteed a good standard of vehicle and you know the car will be waiting for you when you land in Turkey.

The choice of car hire companies at Antalya airport is extensive. You can find details below:


Alamo (including National)
Tel: 242 330 35 57

Tel: 242 330 30 68

Tel: 242 330 34 65

Tel: 242 330 33 95


Tel: 242 330 30 73

T1 Tel: 242 330 30 90
T2 Tel: 242 330 30 92

Side Turkey Car Hire

There are a number of advantages to hiring a car when visiting Turkey.  First, is the ease with which you can travel from the airport to your accommodation.  Taking a coach can often mean a lengthy wait as other flights arrive, and then a tour of numerous resorts and hotels as different people are dropped off.

Secondly, exploring whilst you are in resort is so much easier when you can travel under your own steam. And Side Turkey is a great area to explore with lots of great historical sites just off the beaten track.

Don’t be constrained by organised trips that take you to the sights that somebody else has decided are good…and by travelling under your own roof you can decide how much or how little time you spend at each location.

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