Cesme – Beatiful Place in Izmir

Located to the southwest of Izmir, in recent years Cesme has become one of Turkey‘s most popular tourism destinations. The relatively recent construction of a highway connecting Izmir and Cesme has made the trip between the two cities both fast and easy.


Cesme is Turkish resort on the Aegean Sea, 80 km from Izmir. And before beginning a detailed story about the resort, it is worth it to stipulate several important features. So Cesme no doubt be the most expensive seaside resort in Turkey. It affects everything from prices and ending prices for ice cream. Moreover, the status of the prestigious and fashionable resort also affects the troops, there rests a Turkish elite and the stars. Strolling through the streets of Cesme and the adjoining village of Alacati, lunch at the cafe on the promenade or sunbathing in one of the Beach Club, you can easily find a Turkish singer, actor, TV host or one of the famous players. Turkish celebrities not just stop at the local hotels, but often own luxury apartments and villas. And another important point: because of the frequent and strong winds resort attracts hundreds of not only Turkey, but also foreign surfers.Not to be missed treats here are the wide variety of fish, mastic pudding, and locally made ice-cream. Cesme and Ilica in its environs especially attract youthful visitors.


And finally, it should be said that his countrymen to meet here you are unlikely to succeed, major percentage of tourists in Cesme and Alacati is secured by the Turks of the rest are Europeans, and therefore judge for yourself whether it is good for you or not.

Climate and Weather in Cesme

Cesme distinctive climate, which is ideally suited for those who like to feel “dry” and comfortable in the heat. The season begins in Cesme in the second half of May and lasts until the end of September. The most comfortable months for leisure are June and September. By June, the temperature rises to an average of + 30 ° C, and the sea warms up to + 23 ° C. In September. In July and August the average temperature is + 32 ° C, the water temperature ranges from 25 ° C to + 27 ° C.


Transport To Cesme

The nearest airport to the Cesme is the international airport in Izmir, that in 80 km from the resort. In Izmir a daily basis commit flights dozens of planes different airlines from all corners of the world, but most likely you will have to to commit transplant on the Izmir in Ankara, or Istanbul. Help you will be able to such airlines, as the: THY and its a subsidiary airline Anadolu Jet, Pegasus and SunExpress.


When you arrive to Izmir airport  you can use HAVAS buses for public transport. The HAVAS buses starting transport per 1 hour.

Where to stay in Cesme


You have pretty invest  in cesme, regardless of whether you choose for a luxury hotel, a cozy boutique hotel or a luxury villa.


Choose and book a hotel in Cesme will help you the following online resources: Booking.com,  (in the parameters of the search, select Izmir) or Hotels.com. If you prefer full autonomy, you should opt for a villa or apartment, using the services of VillaRenters.com or Airbnb.com.

And please note that in Cesme main mass of of hotels works on system BB, ie-inclusive only a accommodation and breakfast, either HB, in the price includes accommodation, breakfast and dinner. Loved by many a system of “all-inclusive» on open spaces of Cesme find a very difficult to.

Cheap Cesme Hotels

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or search your hotel in izmir cesme


Transportation in Cesme

Want some advice? – Walk of Cesme on foot as much as possible. Such lovely, actually fabulous streets lined with blue and white houses with all sorts of little things and flowers bougainvillea in Cesme and Alacati, hard to find in the whole of Turkey.
If we are your idea of vacation is perfect and completely eliminates any effort on yourself, then your service dolmushi and taxis. Dolmush (analogues of our minibuses) run regularly from morning to night, fare paid on the spot in cash, and is 4 Turkish lira (about 1.5 dollars).


Taxis in Cesme, as throughout Turkey have a characteristic bright yellow color. “Catch” taxis can easily be on the street or go to the employees of the hotel, so they ordered the car. But it is important to consider that a taxi is incredibly expensive in Cesme, however, like many other things, for the above reasons. For example, over a distance of 5 km you will have to pay about 50 lira, which is about $ 20.

Beaches in Cesme

Beaches Cesme and Alaçatı are worthy of special attention. They stretch along the coast on the 29 kilometers, opening the gaze incredible landscapes and crystal clean water. In Basically, it is beach of fine sand with a gently sloping entrance in the sea.


So, the first beach – Ilıca, is located in the 3x km from the Cesme and represents a beach with fine snow-white sand. Its peculiarity it is hot thermal springs and shallow water, is ideally a suitable for children.

Cove Boyalık Koyu is very similar to the beach Ilıca, here as well shallow, and the beaches are filled with petty snow-white sand.


In the district of Ciftlikköy The Person, that approximately in 9 km from the Cesme, are two insanely of beautiful beach: Altinkum and Pyrlanta.

Coves Dalyan and Sakizli Koy are in 4 km from the Cesme, here in addition to the beautiful beaches of, were stretched fishing villages and typical for the the Aegean the coast of at home.


On the territory of Cesme a plurality of Beach Club with more than by high prices. For clarity, a simple example: a ball of ice cream, usually standing 2-4 lira here will cost you 20 lira (about $ 7). But this is offset by turquoise crystal clear water, soft sand, perfect order, worthy contingent and excellent service.

Attractions of Cesme

Directly in the Cesme not too much attractions, incidentally, for aesthetes just a city and his small streets already point of interest.

So, mainly historical heritage Cesme can be called Genoese fortress, dating from 14-15 the century of. There are many legends of its creation: some read as, that she was is called to protect the city from the pirates, according to another served as a the residence of the Hajredin Barbarossa. Today, a fortress serves not only ornament of the city, but and home to the Archaeological Museum. Doors of the museum are open daily, except for Monday, from 8.30 am to 17.00. Also on the territory of the fortress erected  a small outdoor theater, which is used and in our days for carrying out concerts and festivals.


Not far from the the fortress you will find a well-known Caravan of-Saray, built Suleiman the Great in 16 century, as well as a monument to Gazi Hassan Pasha a together with his the darling of – lion. Still hardly at some distance has settled orthodox church Haralambos, which in the summer time is used for exhibitions.

In the list of proposed excursions, including ancient Ephesus and actually a sacred place House of the Virgin Mary, a trip to the famous wine village of Sirince, an excursion to the
the ancient city of Bergama, as well as an excursion to the Izmir, that will not leave you indifferent.

And now, directly about the city, who is a real gem the Aegean coast. Do not forget to stroll along the Çeşme Marina (the yachting the harbor), which is before the the Genoese fortress, where in addition to chic of yachts, is located several tens of souvenir shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Streets here are similar to ozhivshuyu a fairy tale: flowers, ceramic products, hand-made articles on the walls of houses, all sorts of jewelry, statues and drawings.

In the township the Alaçatı not less than colorfully and interesting. One of the the main decorations of the township are windmills, built in the 1850-1900 Years. Here, too, on every corner is possible to find the Gift Shop or cafe.

Entertainment and Shopping in Cesme

Cesme disposes to the beautiful and sufficiently calm, except for the sports part, rest with relaxed sit-round gathering in cafes and long walks. Of course, available are a couple of clubs and discos, and a dozen bars and pubs, but it is not a place beyond the bright and result of the ongoing nightlife.


Thus, among the most prominent “representatives” of nightlife in Cesme listed Babylon Aya Yorgi, which is not only a bar-restaurant, and a nightclub, Marrakech Beach Club and Shayna Club.

List the cafes and restaurants of Cesme with Alacati activity is extremely long and useless, because virtually every institution worthy to him to visit, ranging from modest cafe, finishing pompous restaurants.


The only thing worth talking alone is midie dolmasy sold every 100 meters on the streets. Believe me, it’s very tasty, and in any case, do not be afraid and do not hesitate to buy this miracle from street vendors, because it is their mussels very tasty. Another local, and well-known in those parts, “delicacy” – a “Cesme” or “Izmir” kumrusu, is a sandwich filled with whatever your heart desires. A bit strange combination of our eating habits, but quite edible, and most importantly satisfying.

And a few words about shopping, finally. You, for certain, understand, that the Cesme this is not Milan and does not London, and did not even Istanbul, and wait for, that the you leave out of here with novelties of from the latest collection world designers, not worth it. But definitely possible to count on a wide choice of souvenirs and original accessories, whom dazzle with of the street Cesme and Alaçatı. You should definitely to glance in one of the numerous Aktar – shop where sell a variety of herbs, spices, cosmetic means and some gastronomic «of joy». Also on the small streets can be come across on the a fragrant handmade soap and Greek jams.







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  1. Cesme very beautiful place. I like it. I was in Cesme 1 month ago. The Cesme has many beautiful beaches. I went there with my girl friend and we enjoyed very much. We stay in an apart. It was very cheap we pay $20 for per night but without breakfast and dinner. I prefer you cesme if you visit Turkey.

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