How to Choose a Hotel in Safranbolu

If you plan trip to Safranbolu and you still did not choose a hotel in Safranbolu please read this post it will help you for choose a hotel in safranbolu.

Safranbolu has many hotel for tourist but some hotels cheap and some hotels expensive. So, How to choose hotel in Safranbolu? It is really easy if you read this post.

This completely depends on your budget cheap or expensive hotel. If you a rich man/woman you can choose expensive hotel but if you dont reach you can stay in a cheap hotel.


In Safranbolu hotels prices starting from 10 Euro so 30 Turkish liras to 100 Euro so 300 Turkish Liras. And all hotels included with breakfast,free Wi-Fi,free TV but some hotels have shared bathroom and WC. If you are alone traveler you can choose dormitory rooms 5 or 6 hotel giving dormitory room in Safranbolu prices cheap. These hotels are Safranbolu Sari Konak Hotel,Safranbolu Yildiz Konak,Efe Guest House,Bastoncu Pension, Yildiz Backpeckers Hotel. These hotel prices starting from 10 Euro for dormitory room if you travel to safranbolu in January,February,March,April you can stay this room alone. My mean in winter and in start of spring no many tourist in Safranbolu and this rooms are free or only 1-2 person staying this rooms. But if you prefer summer travel this rooms will be full and you will stay with 5-6 people in a dormitory room.

Be attention with your travel date because Turkey sometimes have holidays and in these days the hotel prices very high and maybe you cant find free room in Safranbolu. Example if you go in 15 July the Eid al-Fitr starting in Turkey so all people have rest in Safranbolu and people going to Safranbolu for holiday. And if you stayed for 20 euro in Safraanbolu these days you will stay for 50 Euro. So you can change your travel date for after 23 July. These days per year changing.


Some tourists coming with friends if you with 1 friend or sister/brother you can stay in double room you can find two bed room. Double room prices starting from 25 Euro to 100 Euro all hotels included breakfast,WC,Bathroom,free Wi-fi. Most cheap hotel Safranbolu Yildiz Konak in Safranbolu this hotel price 25 Euro of two people. This hotel giving free transport from bus station to Hotel.

If you are a friend groups and your group up to 5 firstly you mail to hotel you can find hotel e-mail addresses from their websites. Write to hotel owner we are 5 or 6 people and we want stay in your hotel please give us a good price. They will make you discounts. Example the hotel price 25 Euro and you are 6 people so you will pay 150 Euro if you e-mail to them they will make you discount and the price will be 20 Euro and you will pay 120 Euro to hotel and you will earn 30 euro so you can eat meals with this money 🙂

I hope this post help you if you have questions about safranbolu hotels please write to commen i will answer it and you will have cheap travel.



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