How to Go to Safranbolu from Istanbul

Safranbolu is a town of Karabuk city. Safranbolu has historical houses and bazaars. If you want come to safranbolu from another country firstly you will come to Istabul via Plane. And you need reserve a bus from bus station. You can find 3-4 firm for Istanbul to Safranbolu.

When you arrive to Istanbul Airport you need go to city bus statation you can transport with HAVAS. HAVAS is a transport company for airports. If you transport via Taxi it will be expensive. My prefer HAVAS for transport. When you arrive Istanbul bus station you need buy ticket for Safranbolu. You can choice this bus firms, Ulusoy,Metro,Kamil Koc, Safran. You will pay 40 Turkish Lira (about $15-16) for bus ticket.

Istanbul – Safranbolu distance is 420 km it is about 5 hours with bus.  The all busses have comfortable seats and all seats have TV. You can use free Wi-fi in bus you need want password of wi-fi from bus staffs. And the bus staffs will give you tea,coffee,coke,fruit juice,cakes to you in bus.(this services free).


The bus firstly arrive to Karabuk bus station you need wait in bus becaus Safranbolu bus station after Karabuk bus station. The bus waiting 5-10 minute in Karabuk bus station then continue to Safranbolu bus station. Karabuk-Safranbolu distance about 5-6 km it is about 10 minute. When you arrive to Safranbolu bus station you need take a Taxi do not be worry the Taxi prices cheap in Safranbolu. The taxi prices 10 – 15 Turkish liras from Safranbolu bus station to your Hotel. Maybe taxi driver want 20 Turkish liras from you but you do not give this price tell him ” i can give only 15 Turkish Liras ($6) ” he will accept it. I will give you some Taxi phone number after this post.


Finally you can rest in your hotel becouse you arrive to your hotel now. All Safranbolu hotels usually in same where the distance from Safranbolu bus station to your hotel 1-2 km so you will arrive to your hotel in 5 minute.

Please continue follow our blog i will write many post about Safranbolu and I believe this advices help you. Thanks for read this Safranbolu Post.


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