how to go selcuk from izmir

How to Go to Selcuk

Selcuk is town of Izmir city in Turkey. Many tourists visit this place for all seasons but mostly visiting in summer. When we decide go to some places firstly we check where is this place? , How to go this place? We will talk about how to go to selcuk.

How to go to Selcuk from Izmir?

If you go to Selcuk by car, you need follow the Kusadasi signs to the road. Selcuk is on Kusadasi road. Selcuk distance 75 km from Izmir. If you do not have car you can go by public transport by bus or train. The train passes through Selcuk it take about 1 hours. You can find bus per hours in Bergama bus station. Izmir to Selcuk take 45 minutes by bus. The cost of a minibus 9 TL (3 Euro).

how to go selcuk from izmir

How to go from Istanbul to Selcuk?

When you arrive Istanbul airport you need go to Istanbul Bus Station. Selcuk is 629 kilometers (km) away from Istanbul ans it takes about 8 hours and 30 minutes by car. You can get ticket diffirent bus firm. My prefer Metro Turizm for go to Selcuk. The ticket price 85 TL ( 28 Euro). You can go directly Selcuk buy bus from Istanbul.

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