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Side in Turkey is a pretty holiday resort that is popular with UK tourists and combines historic Turkey with a modern tourist destination.


Side, which is located in Antalya district, offers visitors a great choice of accommodation, as well as traditional shopping, bars and restaurants, and plenty of things to see and do.

Those with a taste for history will really appreciate the culture and heritage that Side has to offer.  The 5th century baths are one of the main attractions within the seaside town, and a visit to the museum is well worth adding to your itinerary.


The theatre, that looks out towards the warm waters of the Mediterranean, once held over 15,000 people, and give you a feel for how things must have been in this part of the world many centuries ago.

If you are here to simply relax, then Side Turkey will meet all of your requirements.

This holiday resort has two stretches of golden sandy beach for you to soak up the rays before taking a refreshing dip in the crystal clear waters.

There is lots of accommodation to choose from ranging from simple basic hotels right through to luxury hotels that are likely to attract the rich and famous.

Make your choice about what type of holiday you want, choosing from self-catering, bed and breakfast, half board, full board or all inclusive.

During the high season, much of the accommodation in Side books up quickly so if there is a particular hotel that you want to go to, then we advise booking early to avoid dissapointment.

During the days, head into the town where the streets all seem to run towards the picturesque harbour.

Side is a wonderful holiday destination that we are sure you will enjoy.

Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast

In recent years, Turkey has become an increasingly popular tourist destination and it’s no surprise really when you consider the this fabulous stretch of coastline with fantastic beaches to explore.

The area around Antalya, which includes the fantastic holiday resort of Side, is the tourism capital of Turkey and the area that visitors keep coming back to year after year.

Fantastic scenary, picturesque coves, and golden beaches combine to offer the very that Turkey has to offer.

With a superb summer climate, with endless long hot sunny days, the weather is the major draw for the area, and with temperatures regularly exceeding 30c during the holiday season, the reliable nature of the Turkish Riviera is well renowned.

Out and about in Side is a real tourist experience. Take back memories to the UK or bargaining with the local traders and enjoying a wide range of fantastic local food and drink, many of the restaurants serving dishes originating many years ago in the Antalya region.

Shopping is one of the most popular daytime activities in Side and is most certainly a unique experience in Turkey. Most of the shops do not display prices as a way of enticing you inside, and once you are in you’ll be ‘encouraged’ to make a purchase.

A piece of advice from Side Turkey, if the shop you are visiting is displaying a price, it’s only a guide and you should certainly try to haggle as the price that the trader is willing to sell at will often be much lower than that on display.

For something a bit different, why not take the bus to the Thursday market at Manavgat. Find lots of souvenirs here including local goods, leather, lace and t-shirts.

Eating Out

Choose from a wide range of restuarants throughout Side serving up some fantastic cuisine from all around the world. The many influences on this part of Turkey combine with a food offer that is second to none.

Days out and activities

side-activities side-activities-2 side-activities-3
Spend a few hours relaxing around the harbour area and watch the world go by. Take a boat tour to a neighbouring town and spend a few hours at sea in the warm Turkish sunshine. Nearby Manavgat is well know for the spectacular waterfall.

Travel Basics for Side

It’s important to know the travel basics before your travel as every foreign holiday destination can be slightly different.

Just a quick bit of research will prepare you in advance to make sure you take everything you need, and things are as you expect when you arrive.

Some of the advice on this page is common sense, but it helps sometimes to have a gentle reminder as the small details can sometimes get lost in the hectic planning during the lead up to your holiday.




As in most other parts of Europe, the standard two-in plug is standard with 220 volts, 50Hz. You can purchase adapters for any electrical items that you are taking with you from most UK supermarkets or stores like Boots.




Don’t make the mistake of taking Euros to Turkey as you’ll quickly find out that the local currency is the Turkish Lira.  Currency can be purchased before you travel from places like the Post Office or perhaps your bank, but if you need to change money when you are in Side Turkey then you should head to banks, exchange booths, and within the airport.



As you would expect, Turkish is the main language that you will hear spoken in this part of the world. However, there is no need to worry that you will have any problems communicating. Side Turkey is geared up for tourism so English is widely spoken. However, why not learn a few words before you travel so you can make the effort rather than relying on the local speaking English.



There are no vaccination requirements for Turkey and the main tourist areas are comfortable places to spend your holiday. As with any holiday destination where the sun shines, watch out for mosquito’s during the evening. Cover up your arms and legs if possible and use an insect spray to deter the irritants.


Local customs

One of the most important things to bear in mind when visiting anywhere in the world is to respect the religion of your destination.  For Turkey, this means dressing modestly when visiting a mosque or religious shrine.


Telephone Calls

The international dialling code for Turkey is +90. The outgoing dialling code is 00, followed by the code that applies to your country.  If you want to go online, you may get free Wifi in your hotel, and more and more bars and restaurants are also offering this as an attraction for visitors.  There are also internet cafes in most areas.

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