Istanbul’s the Best Amusement Parks

In Turkey and in the World is a theme park, shopping mall and show centers combined with the first shopping, entertainment and lifestyle complex, Vialand , opened its doors to visitors in 2013,May 26.Vialand is the size of 100 football fields.

You can find a lot of crazy fun at the amusement park in Vialand.



Some of them are:  Breathtaking, Fatih’s Dream, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Dora and Diego’s Adventures,360, Tower of Justice, Flying Horses, Once upon a time in Istanbul, Cloud Express,Brave Drivers, Bumper Cars,Crazy River,Jet Ski,Hero Firemen, Small Miners,Adventurer,Tiny Explorers,Mini Tower,Cheerful Farm,Safari Tunnel,Palace Swing,Flying Children,Viking,Dungeon.


Weekdays Full Ticket Fee:  55 TL

Weekdays Child Ticket Fee:  50 TL

Weekdays 60+ Ticket Fee:  50 TL

Weekdays 4 Person Family Ticket Fee:  48 TL/192 TL

Weekdays 5 Person Family Ticket Fee:  47 TL/235 TL

Weekend Full Ticket Fee:  65 TL

Weekend Child Ticket Fee:  55 TL

Weekend 60+ Ticket Fee:  55 TL

Weekend 4 Person Family Ticket Fee:  54 TL/216 TL

Weekend 5 Person Family Ticket Fee:  53 TL/265 TL

Weekdays 5-9 Persons Unit Price:  47 TL

Weekend 5-9 Persons Unit Price:  53 TL

By public transport:          

49A Akşemsettin-Şişli

39 Akşemsettin-Aksaray

47L Binevler-Maslak

47E Binevler-Eminönü

49K Karadolap- Şişli

49Y Yeşilpınar-Şişli

49T Yeşilpınar-Taksim

47 Yeşilpınar-Eminönü             

39Y Yeşilpınar-Vezneciler                    

39D Yeşilpınar-Yenikapı

39O Yeşilpınar- Otogar

49G Yunus Emre-Şişli

ADDRESS: Yeşilpınar Neighbourhood Girne(Kyrenia) Avenue 34065 Eyup / Istanbul



Cevahir Shopping Center is spread over 4 floors of 16,000 m² of Europe’s largest indoor fun center.

60 kilometers speed from Crazy Shark, free fall from a height of 25 meters Tower to which, as well as adrenaline-filled games that appeal to small to tiny with soft play game also offers recreational opportunities.

There are many fun games here:  Shark,Tower, Time Machine,Dark Ride,Wave,XD Theater,Stinky Feet, Fun Island,Bam Bam,Storm,Traveler, Hilly s Billy, Fear Ship, Little Pirates, Flying Whales,UFO Stomper, Octopus Dance,NBA Hoops,King Of The Hummer,Hummer,After Burner Super,Aqua Racer 3,Baby Hair Hockey,Big Bass,Boxer Glove,Crank It,Crazy Taxi,Cut The Cabinet,Cyclone,Doodle Jump,Double Fast Track,Dream Raiders.

Funlab Playing Cards:

TL 10 to a loading of 12 credit

TL 20 to a loading of 25 credit

TL 30 to a loading of 40 credit

TL 50 to a loading of 70 credit

ADDRESS: Büyükdere Street No: 22 34400 Sisli / Istanbul


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