Memorable Holiday in Hayitbuku

Hayitbuku is a holiday place in Datca. Hayitbuku is famous with wooden house (bungalow). Hayitbuku has wonderful sea. You can find a lot of hotel or pension in Hayitbuku for accommodation.

How To Go Hayitbuku

This region is also very easy transport. Hayitbuku is located 67 km away from Marmaris. Firstly you need arrive Datca for go to Hayitbuku. You can go Hayitbuku by bus from Datca.

Hayitbuku Map

hayitbuku map

Where to Stay in Hayitbuku 

You can find a lot of hotel and pension in Hayitbuku for stay. Usually hotels and pensions are bungalow type in Hayitbuku. The hotels are expensive in Hayitbuku at summer. Usually price range is 80 euro – 120 euro.

We collected some hotels from Hayitbuku:

Bal Badem Bungalow price 50 Euro

Tsira Hotel 80 Euro

Hayitbuku Ahsapevleri 65 Euro

Hayitbuku Pictures

hayitbuku_bungalow_night hayitbuku_sea hayitbuku_sea_2 hayitbuku_sea_3

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