Must-do Things in Izmir, Turkey

A visit to Izmir will give you an opportunity to sample a broad spectrum of attractions, activities, and travel experiences. Izmir is regarded as one of the fast advancing cruise ship ports. Located on a wide bay and camouflaged in a range of high hills at the west cost of Turkey, Izmir is a city that prides itself of a long history. It is considered an excellent base for those who would want to take trips to the nearby Pergamon and Ephesus.


Gareth Huw Davies may have spent some indolent days walking in the beautiful seafront, strolling the boulevards, and riding that old cliff face elevators, or even having a nice time exploring Roman ruins perched outside Pompeii.


Discover the catch of the day

In the event you are seeking for some ideal locations where you are away from beach life, resort facilities, and the sandy beaches, then Izmir is the perfect spot for you. UK budget airlines serve the airport of Izmir, which is only about 10 miles off the city centre.

And, if you don’t want being in the crowd, you can have a nice time especially in the first week of the month of August. Izmir can be packed with many people during this time when many tourists flock the historic sites of Pergamon and Ephesus, but you find it still crowd-free in these times.


Have a city-guided tour

A majority of people who take a trip to Izmir using cruise ship are taken around big attractions by coach in pretty a low-cost deal. With as little as $40 a head or something thereabout, you can have a tour of your lifetime. In case you want to learn more about the city, you may consider taking a guide.

In groups of three or more, you can hire a guide to take you through a personalized experience in understanding this historic city, its rich heritage, and other attractions. You can save some money when you book a guide in a set of three or more people per guide.



Don’t forget to go Greek

The remains of Roman and Greek located at Agora are spots you cannot miss visiting. Alexander the Great set off the building of the city but the Romans finished it. Therefore, it is worth having a visit to this site. To avoid the heat, you may want to get there early in the morning or wait to arrive late afternoon. In Agora, walk among the ruins and the classical architectural colonnades of the mighty former gates.

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