safranbolu one day trip

One Day Trip in Safranbolu

Safranbolu is a historical town of Turkey. Safranbolu has a lot of historical place. Many people visiting Safranbolu every day. I want talk about one day safranbolu trip. If you do not have time for visit this place i want to tell you for 1 day trip.

If you like cultural travel Safranbolu is best in this country. Because Safranbolu has historical houses,historical mosques   and etc. Firstly when you come Turkey you can not go Safranbolu direct because no airport in Safranbolu. So you need go firstly Istanbul then go to Safranbolu with bus. You can read how to go safranbolu from Istanbul post for learn go Safranbolu.

safranbolu one day trip

When you come Safranbolu you need find a hotel for 1 day. Safranbolu has many hotel totally 75 hotels in Safranbolu. You can choose cheap hotels for one day trip. You can choose Efe Guesthouse, Yildiz Konak Pension, Kupler Pension the prices starting 20 Euro and included breakfast in this hotels. If you want stay quality hotel you can read our best safranbolu hotels post.

Attention please take a bus ticket for 01.00 AM in Istanbul. Because if you get bus in 1.00 am you will arrive Safranbolu at 7.oo A.M. 

When you arrive Safranbolu directly go to your hotel and put you bags to your hotel because you cant have room in this thime check-in starting at 1.00 P.M. Then you can go breakfast after put your bags to hotel. You can have village breakfast in Safranbolu. Maybe it will be expensive because when you have village breakfast you need pay 8 Euro for per person. Another alternative you can have breakfast in your hotel because hotels breakfast starting usually after 7.00 am. But if you get breakfast in hotel you need pay for this breakfast because it is not included. If you stay cheap pension or hotel you can pay 2 or 3 euro for breakfast.

In 8.00 A.M :

You can go out now and you can have trip in Safranbolu. Firstly find a taxi tour for visit places. You can go Yoruk Village, Glass Balcony, Bulak Mencilis Cave. The taxi tours take 10-12 Euro for per place. If you 2 friend for this trip if you want go this 3 places you need pay 35 euro totally. If you one person again you need pay 35 euro for this 3 places. If you are a friend group in this one day safranbolu trip it is good for you budget. But taxi tours allow only 4 people for this trips. You can stop your taxi tour trip for this 3 places at 1.00 PM. And you can make check in for your hotel then go your home and rest for 1 hours. And take a shower before go out. And now you can go out for launch because this cheap hotels do not give launch for you. You can go Lokanta(in Turkish) or Restaurants.

In 3.00 PM

You can trip in Safranbolu historical bazaar. It is usually near your hotel you can trip here. You can shop from historical bazaars. You will see little shops in this area. You can buy gifts from this stores. You will see interesting gifts in this area. And you can visit historical houses in this area my prefer Kaymakamlar House. Your this bazaar trip take 1 or 2 hours.

Safranbolu Historical Bazaar (Arasta)

safranbolu historical bazaar

Safranbolu Kaymakamlar Evi


In 5.00-6.00-7:00 PM

It is time of take photo for sunset. If you go safranbolu in spring or summer you are lucky you can take photos of sunset but if you go in winter maybe you need pray for sun 🙂 . If you want take photos for sunset you need go Hidirlik Tepesi (in Turkish). You can see all Safranbolu in this area. All tourist go there for take good photos because it is panoramic are for take photos.

In 8:00-9:00 PM

Finally your one day safranbolu trip finished you can go back to your hotel. And it is time for sleep if you sleep early you can have time for another trip. Because check out time 1:00 Pm from hotel. Get up early in hotel and take your free breakfast at 8:00 am. After breakfast again you can go Safranbolu historical bazaar and you can make somethings in there (Shopping,photos,trip,etc.)

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