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Safranbolu Sari Konak Hotel Review and Prices

When I am looking for a great hotel to stay at, I tend to look at a lot of different options. The problem is all of these options seem to add up and generally make the hotel more expensive than what my limited budget is able to afford. Since this is the case, I have decided that I was going to start to look at the different places that are available in some of the towns that I plan on traveling to. By doing this, I am able to find a great hotel, but also know the price is at a rate that I can afford to pay.

This is when I started to look at hotels in Safranbolu for a great price. I really stumbled across a gem of a place in the safranbolu sari konak hotel. When I seen this place, I knew that I had found the best place to stay at because of the wonderful looks of the place, but also the different way the place is laid out. Now I do not look for any other place to stay in when I am traveling to Turkey and the regions around the hotel.

sari konak hotel

Safranbolu Sari Konak Hotel owner very proffesional hotel staffer he is allways helping his customers. Sari Konak Hotel giving free transport from Bus station to Hotel. This hotel has free wi-fi service and free breakfast this services  included in hotel price. Safranbolu Sari Konak Hotel near the historical places in Safranbolu. We are offering this hotel for best price in Safranbolu

Sari Konak Hotel Address

Cesme Mah Mescit Sk. No :32, Safranbolu/Turkey, 78600 ESKİ ÇARŞI

Sari Konak Hotel GSM Number

+90507 089 40 40

Star Rate

No Star for this hotel

Price Range

$20-50 ( This price range for summer season)

Safranbolu Sari Konak Hotel Reservation

You can make reservation here.

Safranbolu Sari Konak Hotel Photos

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