Taking A Day Trip To Ephesus from Marmaris

Ephesus may not be the closest place to Marmaris if you happen to be interested in seeing more of Turkey, but it is definitely well worth making the trip. This is one of the best things to note about Marmaris – it is in a nice position for exploring many other parts of Turkey nearby as well.



A day trip to Ephesus is well within the realms of possibility for anyone staying in Marmaris. It takes a little over three hours to get there and if you can get a place on a day tour you won’t even have to worry about driving there yourself. You might wonder why you would make the effort to travel that distance, but since Ephesus is an important venue you will soon see why you would.

We have the ancient Greeks to thank for bringing us Ephesus originally. It was then taken over by the Romans and as such there is plenty of history to explore when you get there. The area is now in ruins but there is still enough left to be well worth seeing for yourself, since it harks back to times centuries ago when life was very different indeed.

The huge and majestic front of the Library of Celcus is still standing, although the building as a whole is very different from how it looked back in Roman times. The Gate of Augustus is still quite easy to see and explore, as it towers above you and casts a shadow over everything that stands beneath it. There is also a theatre and it is a huge one at that, having been created to seat more than forty thousand people back in ancient times.

While the adults will naturally get the most out of Ephesus, most kids will probably enjoy it too. Once they learn how life was lived back then, they will doubtless be ready to think of all the drama and intrigue that went along with life in Roman and Greek times. As you can see, Marmaris isn’t just about taking a holiday with lots of beaches and sunshine to look forward to. It is also about ensuring you can go to nearby sites of interest such as Ephesus. This particular day trip enables you to learn about another side of Turkey – one that has long since been lost. Luckily the ruins are still there to remind us of that past.




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