The Bergama Settlement

Bergama is one of the most important traditional settlements in history. Its location is 100 kilometers from the city Centrum north of Izmir.
The shiny temple’s history is derived from prehistoric times evident from the features of its buildings and sculptures. The sculptures and buildings have features similar to those of the Roman Empire and the Pergamon kingdom.
Visitors are also attracted by the tall and magnificent temples that have been built around the acropolis. The history of Bergama is further supported by the presence of the famous temple of Zeus.

Defining the Red Courtyard that is located at the city centre has become difficult. Different features are used in defining it. Because of the red bricks used in its construction, some people call it “Red Court’’. On the other hand, it is called “Temple of Serapis” since it was built and named after the Egyptian God Serapis. During the Christian period, it was turned into a church and so some people think that it would be necessary to name it basilica.

Despite the definition given to it, the temple stands as a unique centre of interaction between religions. It is the highest building remaining from the historic times. The temple is 19 meters tall and has unique qualities.
The history of Bergama and its surrounding goes way back with its urbanization believed to have started during the Ionian era. Its name is derived from the pergamon kingdom founded during the historic days.

Bergama is known for its art in weaving especially its kilims. Also found in the region include thin cotton fabrics, wool carpet bags, bed linens, and prayer rugs.

The Kozak Plateau

Another favorite area for nature lovers is the kozak plateau. It is located 20 kilometers away from Bergama. The area is known for hunting and nature tourism activities. Besides, the area boasts of clean air, pine forests and fountains that let out cold waters.
Small villages like Asagi Cuma and Asagibey found in the kozak plateau have the pine nuts as their main item of trade. Products like kilims and carpets characterize the abilities and skills of the people in the Yunt mountain areas.

Try It
Bergama has a variety of foods worth tasting like the Hosmerim dessert, Bergama tulum cheese, cigirtma, Bergama meatballs and fistik helvasi. These foods are worth tasting and you should give it a try.
You can as well visit the Menemen and have refreshment from their favorite beverage known as “Ayran. You also get to have a look at their special hand made earth ware jugs.

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