The Historic Treasures of Historic Priene

In keeping with historical past books, two extraordinarily necessary treasures emerged from the ruins of historical Priene, a former metropolis within the Aegean area of Turkey. They’re the Priene Inscription and the Priene Calendar, two informative scripts handed down for future generations.

Albeit no metropolis may ever depart behind as higher legacy as that, however for me, strolling across the historical ruins provoked a state of joyful pleasure, regardless that they don’t seem to be as intensive because the ruins seen at different historical cities like Ephesus.

Priene ancient city

As a pastime, I really like studying about Turkish historical past and have visited sufficient historic cities throughout the nation to simply  think about them of their former prime and glory, as if I lived there like a citizen. Strolling alongside the ruins of an agora avenue, I can see in my head, the shopkeepers, and slaves.

Sitting within the stays of an historic theatre, I can play out an imaginary situation in my head of the acoustic sound of musician’s music bouncing off the stones, or in sure circumstances, sacrificial rituals sometimes made earlier than the start of the video games. I can stand in the midst of a sq. made from stones and really feel the atmosphere of an outdated home, primitive of our present day trendy requirements of residing.

Priene Turkey

At Priene although, I didn’t have to make use of my creativeness. Recognized for its religious loyalty to the traditional metropolis of Athens, it appeared to ooze a playful but harmless atmosphere. I used to be on a bunch tour with different photographers, so perhaps being with like-minded individuals bumped up my spirits.

My pictures teacher additionally repeatedly identified particular shadows, traces of symmetrical stones and background landscapes so perhaps it was as a result of I checked out it by way of the eyes of a photographer quite than a hobbyist historian. Both method, exploring the ruins was an satisfying dive into historical past.

The Priene Calendar, Inscription, and the Athena Polias Temple

Priene Temple Athena

Courting from the 9th century BC, the Priene calendar, discovered on two stones within the outdated market place says that the 23rd of September doesn’t simply signify the beginning of the nice Roman ruler Augustus but in addition heralds a brand new period.

On web sites across the Web, Christian non secular consultants feverishly discuss this calendar as regards to the Gospels and the approaching of Jesus Christ. In all probability as a consequence of my lack of curiosity in Christianity, I’m nonetheless naïve as to the importance of this calendar however vastly within the Priene Inscription as an alternative.

Inscribed in roughly the yr 330BC, the Priene Inscription is likely one of the most vital traces again to Alexander the Nice, the younger army commander who efficiently conquered half of the world earlier than supposedly being poisoned by one in every of his generals.

Found within the 19th century and now housed within the British Museum, the marble slab particulars in historical Greek language, the dedication of town temple to Athena Polias. Often called the goddess of many honourable attitudes, “polias” refers to her position as protector of town.

View of the Soke plains

Constructed within the fourth century BC, simply 5 tall columns and a scattering of huge boulders stay of the Athena temple. Overlooking the plains of the neighbouring Soke area, aside from Greek inscriptions and complicated patterns on the stones, its most dramatic look is because the foreground to the big rock face standing behind it. In its former state, although, it could have been an impressive constructing with no price spared within the development.

The Theatre of Priene

Priene Theatre

Seen ruins of town embrace the bouleuterion, agora, gymnasium, and the homes of which Alexander the Nice stayed in a single. Nonetheless, the spotlight for me was the small however majestic Hellenistic theatre.

Ruins of Priene Theatre

The bottom ground façade that after consisted of two ranges has straight standing columns looking onto a half circle orchestra flooring. Shadows fell throughout them in a geometrical vogue as if to symbolically worship the good arts of that point.

Theatre at Priene in Turkey

Surrounded by rows of seating carved into the hillside and now lined with a skinny layer of grass, the entrance line of the viewers part contains 5 majestic marble stone seats that might resemble thrones.


Reserved for dignitaries or monks, a fleeting thought crossed my thoughts to sit down in a single however I felt that to be like an intrusion or disrespect of their preservation.

Priene Theatre in Turkey

Feeling immensely happy at having seen the theatre, I walked out the again entrance and into the stays of the gymnasium to come back throughout a small group, engaged on a roped off space. Guided by consultants, they have been college students from a college rigorously dusting off an artefact embedded within the laborious mud financial institution.

They might not let me previous the rope so crammed with jealousy, I keep in mind pondering what a beautiful expertise to placed on a resume and bear in mind for all times. To be a part of the excavation of one of many best cities of the Ioanian kingdom is a job, I’d die for.

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