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Sirince is a wonderful slope town just 5 miles (8 km) east of Selçuk, close Ephesus, in the Aegean hinterland south of Izmir. It’s acclaimed for its organic product wines, olive oil, other common items, and its beguiling, relaxing boutique motels.


Twelve little eateries pander to day-trippers, motel visitors, and local people alike.

Despite the fact that tourism has arrived, Sirince is still a town, in any event in the morning and night, when the day-trippers are not around, or whenever out of high season.

Here are the sounds of Sirince: goats baa, donkeys bawl, birds tweet, grieving pigeons coo, cocks crow, puppies bark, kids play. A tractor passes.

The call to request to God from the town’s single minaret is a scratchy record.

The Sirince Valley Turkey Location

Sirince is a town in Selcuk, Izmir Turkey around 10kms from its heart. It was settled in the fifteenth century after Ephesus was surrendered. However the present structures go back to the nineteenth century.

It used to be an old Orthodox town called Cirkince (appalling). This name was given by its habitants deliberately as they would not like to be pestered by outsiders and offer the excellence of their town. The name Sirince was given by an Izmir chairman which means lovely.


While the Sirince town is situated at the apex of a mountain, guests may appreciate the view of the beautiful peach trees and wine yards.

Today the town is a flawless synthesis of Turk-Greek society. Prior to the Independence War there were Greeks living in the town however after the battle there has been a trade between the tour nations.

The Sirince Village In The Mayan Calender

High in the Green hills of Selcuk, near the city Ephesus in Turkey, sits famous village known as Sirince. The Sirince Village has not always been popular, but the small village has achieved fame due to two reasons:

One is the fact that its locals have sold fruit wines all over the country for centuries, which has also made it a tourism hot spot and second is the attention it attracted in 2012.


The Mayan calendar predicted that the world’s doomsday would be on December 21st 2012, and some spiritualists said that the village of Sirince would be rescued from the doomsday. Since it was the only safe haven for the Mayan Believers, the village was filled with Turkey citizens and foreigners as well, who wanted to survive.

Enjoy A Stay In Hotels While Visiting Sirince Turkey

Whenever going on a vacation, such as Sirince in Turkey, it is important that the hotel is of a good standard for the price. Luckily, Sirince has a good number of places to stay. All of them are reasonably priced, and offer traditional hospitality and decor.


If you are looking for accommodation that is extra special, then the choice is either the Terras Evler Terrace Houses or Stonehouse Hotel. Both of these are well priced, and are clean with friendly staff. They offer beautiful views of the surrounding area, and add to the feeling of being part of what is regarded as the real Turkey.

Stay In Cheap Hotels When Vising Sirince Turkey

Visiting Sirince in Turkey is an experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. For those looking to travel on a budget, then one of the cheap hotels is all that is needed for a comfortable stay. Places that have been more than acceptable in the past are the Dionysos Pension, Erdem Mansion, and Sirincem Sakli Vadi.


As well as somewhere to stay, places to eat are everywhere. Stay away from tourist restaurants and look for where the locals eat. This is a sign of good food, and the prices will also be lower. This location has plenty to offer, and is a great place to have a relaxing vacation.

Sirince Wine Taste Adventure

Turkey is one of the most magnificent cities, Ephesus. Here, you will find a little hidden away quaint town, famous for the wine, known as Sirince. If you ever find yourself in this magnificent town, book an overnight experience at the local Bed and Breakfast accommodations. The town if renowned for over 92 varieties of wines, especially fruit wines such as pomegranate, Kiwi, melon or raspberry.


A wine tasting adventure, unlike any other, Sirince provides an exceptional romantic gesture for people, friends or lovers looking to enjoy themselves. Even better, you can always keep a bottle or two for yourself and bring it home with you.

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