The World’s Most Beautiful Clean Beaches in Kusadasi

The Kusadasi Beaches are world-famous beaches. Kusadasi beaches have received Blue Flag for clean sea and unique sand. Caretta Caretta sea turtles prefer lay eggs to Kusadasi Davutlar Beach. All Kusadasi beaches have sand and After 50 meters the depth be 160 centimeters.

The most famous beach is Ladies Beach (Kadinlar Plaji) in Kusadasi. Ladies beach has 600 meters beach. The Ladies Beach (Kadinlar Plaji) located in hotels area.

Kusadasi Beaches can be done the water sports. These include jet skiing, parasailing, canoeing, sea biking, it’s underwater sports.

Kusadasi Papaz Beach

“Kusadasi Papaz Beach” is located on the left side of the entrance Guvercinada. “Papaz Beach” is not use by local people.

Hammam Beach Club is located entry of Papaz Beach. The Hammam Beach Club is create on the rocks with wooden piers. Hammam beach club serving the domestic and foreign customers with restaurant,cafes. You can listen Dj musics in Hammam Beach Club.

papaz beach kusadasi


Kusadasi Long Beach

Kusadasi Long Beach 12 km of the coastline is one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The Kusadasi Long Beach is completely sand. The Long beach have 20 diffirent name ex:  Paradise Beach,Silver Beach,Love Beach, etc. Many hotels located on Long Beach. Large and small cafe,beach clubs and restaurants are located on the beach. This beach is free but you need pay for chairs and umbrella.

Kusadasi long beach

How to go Kusadasi Long Beach : You can go there by bus. you can take a bus from Davutlar.

Kusadasi Love Beach

Kusadasi Love Beach is located in Davutlar. It is 17 km from the center of Kusadasi. Kusadasi Love Beach is 550 meters length. This beach is free but you need pay if you come there by car.


How to go Kusadasi Love Beach: You can go Kusadasi Love Beach by bus. You can take bus from Davutlar. You can go there in 45 minutes by bus.

Kusadasi Green Beach

The Kusadasi Green Beach is located near Blue Sky Hotel. It is located in a small bay. Green Beach is covered by lush grass and palm trees. Restaurant, bar, toilet, shower, deck chairs, umbrellas are located in beach.

Kusadasi green beach

How to go Kusadasi Green Beach: You can go there from center of Kusadasi by bus. It take 10 minute by bus.

Kusadasi Ladies Beach

Kusadasi ladies beach

You will have good beaches in Kusadasi. you can prefer Long Beach in Kusadasi. This beaches will be very crowd in summer usually in July.

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