Thermal Spas and Thermal Hotels in Turkey

200 One of these sources are thermal centers and hotels. Turkey has thermal centers in almost every region. The most important of these resources Pamukkale travertine. The unique beauty of thermal waters flowing from the mountains provide a magnificent view.  In addition, the ancient city of Hierapolis was founded here. There are many benefits of the thermal waters here in terms of health. Çeşme, a small town on the Aegean coast is famous for its thermal waters. Between green forests on the southern shore of the Sea of Marmara, Yalova thermal sources believed to cure various ailments, has mineral rich waters.


Located in the Central Anatolian province of Sivas ‘Balık (fish) Kangal Thermal Centre‘  is another world-famous thermal center. This is the center of the water is 36 degrees. This thermal center has bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium and a variety of minerals. There are also a very important feature, These thermal waters have small fish, this fish heals skin diseases. Balık Kangal Thermal Center



Another famous thermal complex with international standards to protect the thermal treatment area is located in Yoncali near Kutahya and the name is “TÜTAV Thermal center” . There are thermal plants in most cities in Turkey .. In this article, I tell you just some of the famous places.  I’ll tell Thermal Centers in more detail in my other post. I want to give you a warning, Please don’t enter these waters without asking a doctor. because some patients people’s entering to thermal waters can be very dangerous.


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