Tips For Visiting Abant Lake

Abant Lake in Turkey is just 30 km from Bolu. This beautiful lake is surrounded by peaceful woodlands. You will want to drive there so as not to miss this natural spectacle. It is easy to get to by crossing the Ankara-Istanbul highway.

There is a national park northwest of Mudurnu near a crater lake called Abat Golu. You will enjoy the amazing foliage during the spring and autumn but this is a superb place to visit all year round. For winter visits, enjoy navigating around the lake in a horse drawn phaetons outfitted with skis.


It is easy to find five-star rated hotels right on the lake. Many of these hotels have been built to satisfy international conference attendees, and there is a yearly professional conference held by the lake once a year. These hotels are magnificent, but at the same time discreet enough to make a pleasure stay as peaceful and relaxing as possible.

There are camping facilities for those wanting a more outdoorsy vacation. For any visitor who is undecided between a five-star hotel and a campground, there are chalets available in the village of Kilözü. There are only six of the chalets available, so if you plan to travel out of season, be sure to phone ahead of time to make sure someone is there to welcome you and get you acquainted with your new accommodations.


One of the favorite activities in Abant Lake is hiking. Also, there are bungalows managed by the Forestry Minister which are outfitted with barbecues and fireplaces. These bungalows are yet another option for staying at Abant Lake. Be sure to make reservations well in advance of your arrival.

For dining options, many people enjoy the nearest restaurant which is in Mudurnu. Visitors enjoy eating fresh, local caught trout, just like the locals do.



There is no public transportation available to take visitors from Istanbul to Abant Lake. However, travelers can hire taxis in Mudurnu. The best option for transportation is renting a car. This way you can enjoy all the sites along the way as you travel between Istanbul and Ankara.

Abant Lake is one of the most beautiful spots in Turkey. Follow the above tips to enjoy your stay there as much as possible.

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