Top 7 Places Visited in Turkey

In terms of tourism, Turkey is one of the rare beauty countries in the world. Undoubtedly, there are many beautiful places and holiday regions that can be visited in Turkey, which is a mixture of geographical and cultural beauties.

1 – Insuyu Cave Burdur


Insuyuyu cave is visited by many tourists every year. It is a very interesting formation with 9 large and small mixed lakes. It is a gigantic structure that has been finalized after a very long Geological evolution.

2 – Hasankeyf Batman


Hasankeyf, located in Batman, is one of the places that has brought together many cultures and must be seen with its perfect nature. It is a natural site and it is understood by the works found that the date coincides with 10,000 years ago.

3- Bosphorus


Having a bridge connecting two different continents by hosting an unprecedented situation in the world, Istanbul is very successful in attracting tourists with its aesthetic of the Bosphorus. It is a fact that you have an atmosfere that is fascinated by activities such as boat trips.

4 – Amasra Bartin


One of the most beautiful places in the province of Bartın, Amasra Town is never left empty for tourists. Absolutely the place to visit is especially the castle, but the museum is also very important. It is a place of total relaxation with silence.

5 – Agri Mountain


Along with being the highest mountain in the country, it is a world scale mountaineering sport. Tourists are very interested in the fact that it is among the beliefs that Mount Ararat is a great highlight for the Noah’s Flood. There are those who think that Noah’s ship is here.

6 – CAPPADOCIA / Nevşehir


In Cappadocia, one of the historical places in Nevsehir province, tourists from every region of the world are experiencing a unique landscape in balloon tours. Peribacals, on the other hand, are already seen in the region as interesting geological formations that bring many people here every year.

7 – Nemrut

Kral Antiochus’un Dev Heykeli , Nemrut Dagi , Adiyaman, Türkiye (Colossal Head of Antiochus I, Nemrut, Adiyaman, Turkey)

Kral Antiochus’un Dev Heykeli , Nemrut Dagi , Adiyaman, Türkiye (Colossal Head of Antiochus I, Nemrut, Adiyaman, Turkey)

It is in the vicinity of the Constitution of Adıyaman province. It has a height of 2,150 meters. There are many historical monuments around the western and eastern civilizations.

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