What To Do In Adatepe

Enjoy your visit to Turkey even more by booking a stay in Adatepe. You will marvel at the views that can be had in this hilly village rich in history. A stroll down the cobblestone streets will take your mind off your troubles and into a vacation stop you never dreamed would be so fulfilling. Watch your step, though, you might have to share the walk with sheep, chickens and rabbits.

You will realize that you really are walking through a mythic place, just west of Kaz Mountain, better known as the fabled Mt. Ida, in northwestern Turkey. The village is historically preserved, and its main offering is olive oil. In fact, olive oil soap is a popular item to bring home as a souvenir of a magnificent visit.


Where To Stay

There are some boutique hotels to stay at, and these can be found and booked using several online travel websites. Hunnap Han is one of the most popular, being reminiscent of a house from days long gone.

It is a gorgeously restored 18th century Ottoman home, complete with a regal courtyard. Guests enjoy the quiet there and the fact that it is run by a most hospitable family.


What To See

There is a rock called the Alter of Zeus, which is not to be missed. Archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann identified it as the site, just outside of Adatepe, where Zeus allegedly watched the fighting in Troy take place. It is easy to get to by foot and offers an amazing view of the Gulf of Edremeit.


You will note how it has been built up over the years, and most homes have been taken over by vacation homeowners. A view of Adatepe from this vantage point is another way to catch it in all its splendor.


Horses are available for riding just near the entrance of the rock, if you feel you have enjoyed enough on foot. The soaring pines are enough to dazzle as your horse takes you on a gentle excursion.

You will not want to plan on doing very much here. It is quiet and still, which is the perfect combination for a great getaway. A stop at the Olive Oil museum is a must, and dining is casual at the Carrefour Adatepe Shopping Center.

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