What to pack for holidays in Side Turkey

One of the big decisions before going away is deciding what to pack in your suitcase. After all, nobody wants to be caught out abroad without their absolute essentials.

What makes the trip really depends on the time of year that you are visiting Side in Turkey. Most people just think they need to base their decision on the weather, but it’s also important to factor in what kind of holiday you enjoy, and indeed some of the places you will visit.


What should men pack?

It’s often a lot easier for men as many clothes can double up from being casual during the day to something a bit more formal during the evenings.  If you’re going during the height of summer, you’ll need little more than t-shirts and shorts for the daytime, and perhaps something a little bit smarter for the evenings.

If you are staying in one of the all inclusive hotels, make sure you find out if there are any requirements in terms of what you wear for dinner. Does your hotel restaurant require long trousers? Or perhaps a shirt with a collar? Things differ from one hotel to another so it’s certainly worth checking.


What should women pack?

This is often the major dilemma before travelling. During the day, women should have something that they can use to cover themselves when coming off the beach. It’s particularly important when straying away from the tourist areas, and particularly if you are visiting and religious sites.

For evening wear, a smart dress will be fine in most hotels, but think about your footwear carefully and make sure you pack something comfortable.

Does it matter what time of year I visit?

Yes it does. The temperature in early May in Side Turkey is very different to the height of summer in the middle of August. The days are generally warm for the entire tourist season, but either side of the main summer period, the evenings can feel a little cooler. Make sure you have something light that you can take with you and will fold up easily in your case.

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