Where to Stay in Marmaris

So you have decided that Marmaris in Turkey is the place you want to spend a week or two in, to enable you to relax and enjoy a different atmosphere and set of surroundings to those you would be used to at home.

Cheap hotels in Marmaris!

One of the most important parts of booking any holiday is to arrange the right accommodation for you. Accommodation is extremely important and you could end up making or breaking the holiday by the type you choose. Families will have very different needs from individuals or couples, so make sure you spend some time thinking about what you want. Make sure you decide on full board, half board or self catering too – once you know which one you want you can choose the best accommodation for your needs.

Self catering apartments in Marmaris


These are ideal if you are on a budget and you are travelling alone or as part of a couple. It gives you the freedom to go out and eat whenever and wherever you like, and there are lots of apartments dotted around Marmaris that will be superb and ideal for your needs.

You can search for the latest deals online quite easily, and once you know what time you want to travel and how many will be staying in the room, you can look for a deal that suits you.

Hotels in Marmaris


If you want the best service and the best facilities, hotels in Marmaris can unlock all of this and more for you.

For example many hotels have restaurants on site, so you can enjoy being able to let someone else do the cooking all the time! If you opt for a full or half board deal you can save money and not have to worry about finding restaurants or other venues to eat in every day. The familiarity of knowing where and when you will be eating is great for families too, as they will often appreciate some structure in their day.

The other big advantage of opting for a hotel in the resort is that you can enjoy all the hotel facilities as well. For example instead of heading on down to the beach every day you could stay at the hotel and enjoy the use of their pool instead. It gives you another option that you may not have considered before.

Villas in Marmaris


Another option you could consider if there are several people in your party is to hire a villa. This can prove to be more cost effective if you are travelling with a large family group or just a group of friends. Once you split the cost between everyone else in the group you might be surprised at how cheap it is.

Many villas have got their own private pools as well, so this is another reason for considering this particular option. You would still be advised to find a villa that is relatively close to the beach though, so you can have the best of both worlds and choose where you want to spend each day.

Considering full board, half board or self catering

Most of us instinctively know which type of catering we would prefer, so most of the time you would probably just go with your instincts. But always check the details of every holiday package or accommodation in Marmaris you come up with, to ensure that it will meet your needs and be just what you are looking for.

Whatever you decide to do, you can be assured that there is every type of accommodation you could think of waiting for you in Marmaris.

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